At we aim to develop good relations around Carlisle Circus working with and through the Together Stronger programme of the 174 trust.
We also hope to empower local people to become active in leading self-support groups and actively promoting psychologically and spiritual well being.

Social Objectives are seeking to raise the level of psychological health and spiritual well-being of the community by:

  • Raising awareness of mental health issues across the community.
  • Improving the overall mental health of the community around Carlisle Circus.
  • Operating as an information and signposting resource for mental health matters within the local community.
  • Delivering a first level CBT services to referred clients locally within North Belfast and beyond.
  • Filtering the level of service delivery to referred clients on the basis of assessed need.
  • Easing pressure on resources within the local healthcare sector by reducing waiting lists for psychological therapies.
  • Acting as an exemplar of a community based mental health care provision in North Belfast and beyond.
  • Contributing to the broader regional and national agenda of health promotion in the community.


  • Unity
    Mental Health problems are no respecter of persons and cross all ethnic, cultural and religious groups so we wish to model a united christian and psychological integration approach.
  • Safe place
    We wish to be a place of safety and security for all people, especially vulnerable people.
  • Uniqueness of every person
    We treat each person as a unique individual and actively promote the inclusive acceptance of all people.
  • Holism
    We see people as whole beings who are more than their presenting problems.
  • Rhythm of life
    We wish to model in a rhythm of life and order our practice around set times of prayer and meditation.
  • Celtic Christian spirituality
    We see our common celtic christian heritage as a unifying means of healing and reconciliation. We want to be a ‘thin place’. We travel light and dwell deeply.
  • Grace and hope
    We aim to be a gracious, compassionate service which gives hope to the hopeless and compassion to the broken.