• vision of well.com

    Vision of well.com

    To restore hope and well-being in broken people.

  • mission of well.com

    Mission of well.com

    To be a Centre of Christian Spirituality and Psychological Well-Being. A safe place for healing, empowerment and hope. A well-spring for well-being.

    To be a peace-making, reconciling centre which can help people reconcile as individuals within themselves through psychotherapy and spiritual direction; with others through relationship building; and to God through Jesus Christ.

  • strategy of well.com

    Strategy of well.com

    To provide a 1-to-1 psychotherapy service which is compassion-focused and spiritually-sensitive.

    To provide support groups and psycho-education groups for psychological and spiritual well-being.

Christian Spirituality & Psychological
Well-Being Centre - Carlisle Circus, Belfast

WELL.COM offers a safe, compassionate and non-judgmental space where people who are experiencing psychological distress are respected and listened to on a confidential, one-to-one basis.

CBT sessions are arranged by appointment and an individual may refer him/herself or be referred by others. An individual is initially offered 6-12 sessions as well as the possibility of group work and other supports. A series of educative courses and workshops addressing issues relevant to the client group will also be made available.

Whilst WELL.COM is an organisation based on Christian faith, it is open to all adults over 18 regardless of their religious belief. WELL.COM values every person as a unique and gifted individual with his or her own beliefs, culture and spirituality, and is committed to working in a holistic manner to ensure the physical, emotional, spiritual and moral well being of all its clients. Underlying the WELL.COM ethos is the belief that the spiritual/faith dimension needs to be recognised and can very often be an asset of the greatest assistance. How this is realised in a therapeutic encounter will range along a continuum from implicit to explicit expression depending on the individual client. There may well be no explicit reference to spirituality or religion in the encounter, but the ethos and worldview of the psychologist is still Christian in orientation.